Comprehensive Drug Therapy and Rehabilitation Services in California

It’s common for people to use drugs and alcohol to celebrate their achievements, ease their aches and pains, and calm their anxieties. But with such widespread use, an increasing number of people struggle with substance abuse disorders and addiction.

At Freedom Treatment Centers of California, we take a personalized approach to drug therapy and rehabilitation. From the initial detox through to aftercare planning, we lend our expertise in customizing a treatment program that works for you.

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Addiction takes hold of your mind, body, and spirit. Addiction destroys the lives of your loved ones and decays the family dynamic. The physical and psychological effects of withdrawal can prove to be too much to do on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this struggle alone.

At Freedom Treatment Centers of California, we are uniquely equipped to help you and your family recover from the turmoil of addiction. With drug detoxalcohol detox, family therapy, individual, and group therapy, and residential treatment, Freedom Treatment Centers of California gives the individual, as well as the family, the tools needed for a successful long term recovery and sobriety.

Benefit From Our Expertise

Our clinical staff consists of experts in the rehabilitation industry. From medical professionals to experienced life coaches, our qualified team provides dedicated care, support, and motivation throughout the rehabilitation process.

At the end of treatment, we discharge clients with confidence—knowing that they have all the tools they need to lead a substance-free lifestyle. After helping countless clients improve their lives, we’re confident that we can do the same for you.

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Addiction is a very real struggle, and we believe everyone deserves a chance at recovery. So in our efforts to provide affordable rehab in California, we offer financing options and accept most private insurance policies. To learn more about how drug and alcohol rehab can change your life, call 800-467-5953 for a free clinical assessment.

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