About Our Personalized Rehab Programs in California

Personalized Addiction Recovery Programs

With rehab facilities dotting the country, addiction recovery programs have taken on a streamlined approach to treatment. While standardized treatment methods may seem more efficient, Freedom Treatment Center takes a personalized approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We’re confident that as you explore addiction treatment centers in California, you’ll find that our client success rate speaks for itself.

Our Innovative Facilities

Situated in the beautiful state of California, our treatment facilities offer an inviting sense of serenity and calm to our clients. Our drug and alcohol rehab center is a restorative place for you to rest as drugs and alcohol work their way out of your system. We offer up-to-date features, innovative offices, and tasteful furnishings—providing you with a private space to relax, heal, and focus on recovery.

Our Qualified Team

We take a multi-pronged approach to drug therapy and addiction recovery. Our staff consists of certified therapists, licensed doctors, and experienced life coaches. Through a combination of effective treatments, you will have everything you need to detox, heal, and recover from addiction. Supervised medical treatment and talk therapy helps you manage symptoms of withdrawal and feelings of anxiety, while life coaching helps you set achievable goals for when you leave our facility.

From one-on-one sessions, family sessions, to group therapy, you will receive the highest level of care while you are enrolled in our program. We do everything we can to set you up for a productive, substance-free life outside of our treatment center.  That’s why each session we offer has been expertly crafted to have the highest possible impact on your well being and recovery.

Our Individualized Approach

We understand that each new client has their own set of unique needs, challenges, and goals. So we start by assessing those needs, and then we build a treatment plan from there. Rather that forcing you to fit into one specific program, we tailor a program to your addictions, mental and physical needs, withdrawal symptoms, familial issues, future goals, and other contributing factors.

Our personal approach even extends to aftercare treatment planning. When we discharge you from our program, we offer access to 12-step meetings so you have a continuing support system in the outside world. Our mission is to provide clients with the tools they need to live a happy and productive life without using drugs and alcohol.

To learn more about our facilities and our rehab programs in California, or to request more information, click here for our online form.