Jennifer Rodgers

Jennifer Rodgers
Introducing Jenny Rogers one of the awesome techs here at Freedom Tcoc. Jennifer has been in recovery and currently has 8 years clean. She is highly dedicated to serving those who struggle with addiction and mental illness by helping educate them through their healing process. Jenny shares she is grateful for the opportunity to show the next addict that wants help, a new way of life.


Jenny shares, “My favorite thing about working at Freedom Tcoc is it feels like family here. All of the staff genuinely want to help people get clean and sober. Everyone here is in recovery and have been in that spot before, So we know it’s possible to stay clean. We will show you how to get through a day whether it be good or bad sober.”


Jenny’s dedication and compassion shows through her work everyday. She is caring and genuine. Below is one of Jenny’s favorite quotes she’d like to share:


“When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.” — Alice in Wonderland