Mike Gerstein

Mike Gerstein
Mike has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He has started several successful businesses, all of his businesses have been geared towards helping people.


Mike drank alcohol for 35 years and used Oxy, Cocaine, Methadone, Crack and Meth for 25 years including drinking. Mike says he was “as good as dead”.


With no where to turn to, Mike went to rehab at the age of 48. Now 51, Mike has duplicated the same process that saved his life. His number one priority is always the client. He is an owner who is highly involved in the day to day operations and is very approachable by clients. Mike also leads meetings and has one on one sessions with clients and shares his story of success.


To Mike, clients should be treated as human beings, not a number or someone people look down on. Mike has an incredible compassion towards his clients and has only the client’s  needs in mind. He wants you to get clean and the program he has created will allow you to change your life.