Rachel Ziegler

Rachel Ziegler

Meet Rachel Ziegler, the Director of Marketing & Social Media here at Freedom Tcoc.

Rachel has been working in the treatment field for 3 years. Her drive and passion to help those struggling with this disease stems from her own personal recovery.

Rachel’s addiction started early on in her childhood. Having grown up in foster care from the age of 3 years old until she ran away at 17. Rachel faced homelessness, struggled with depression and in 2009 at age 17 took her first attempt at suicide.  Rachel states, “ I had a long angry talk with God. I couldn’t understand why he brought me into this world and I was determined to take myself out. I told God if there was any reason for me to live, he needed to show me”. She was found in the bathroom and resuscitated. A few weeks later Rachel found out she was pregnant, and was determined to change her life and be the mom to her kids, that she always needed.

Today she is happily engaged, the mother to 3 wonderful children and the founder of a nonprofit organization. Rachel shares, “I am grateful for my life today and determined to show others suffering from this disease, that the darkness does go away. The sun does come up. Life is beautiful”.

“The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears” – John Vance Cheney