Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox in California

Medically Supervised Drug And Alcohol Detox

After long-term use of meth, heroin, vicodin, oxycodone, alcohol, and other addictive substances, the body becomes increasingly dependent on drug and alcohol use. This physical dependence causes severe symptoms of withdrawal when users attempt to stop using addictive substances on their own.

Medically supervised drug and alcohol detox eases symptoms of withdrawal for individuals recovering from drug abuse and addiction. As part of our rehabilitation services, Freedom Treatment Center provides medically supervised drug and alcohol detox to clients throughout California.

Understand the Detox Process

The detox process begins with a medicinal assessment and mental appraisal. At this stage, we want to understand your physical and mental condition before prescribing any medications or proceeding with detoxification treatment. Afterward, we recommend the best treatment methods for your recovery needs.

For clients who require sub-intense alcohol and drug detox, we provide a free medicinally observed medication and alcohol detox program. Managed by an associated group of specialists, these experts in detoxification provide support and oversee the recovery process.

Detox at Our Rehab Center

No matter what drug you are recovering from, our rehab facilities are equipped to ease the physical symptoms of your withdrawal. From medicinal treatments to emotional support, our qualified staff attends to your every need.

If you’re ready lead a substance-free life, contact Freedom Treatment Center to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox centers in California. Call us today at 800-467-5953 for a free clinical assessment.