Family Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in California

Healing relationships

Aside from the mental and physical effects of long-term alcohol and drug abuse, addiction tends to disrupt the user’s relationships with friends and family. At Freedom Treatment Center, we go beyond the detoxification process to heal relationships broken by addiction.

As part of our standard drug and alcohol treatments in California, we extend a family program to the friends and loved ones of the recovering addicts we treat at our rehab center.

Addiction Damages Relationships

Drug users may feel like their addictive behaviors are only their burden to bear, but their friends and family members also experience the damaging effects of drug use and alcohol addiction. Often times, the topic of addiction creates tension within families.

Beyond that, the effects of meth, alcohol, and opiate addiction may cause the user to act out in a way that damages their relationships. Addicts tend to become increasingly manipulative and narcissistic in their pursuit of their drug of choice. So after a period of living with addiction, it’s common for relatives to have hurt, mistrustful, and skeptical feelings toward the individual in need of treatment.

Therapy Heals Broken Bonds

Our family program gives families an opportunity to heal after experiencing the damaging effects of addiction. Through group therapy sessions, our certified team of therapists work to heal the rifts between our clients and their loved ones.

We believe that complete rehabilitation should heal all aspects of a recovering addict’s life. That’s why our rehabilitation facilities provide comprehensive treatment of the mental, physical, and social aspects of addiction recovery.

Our family program supports the recovery process for our clients and their loved ones. If you want to learn more about our rehab centers in California, call us today at 800-467-5953 for a free clinical assessment.